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4 Military Motorcycle Groups

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It’s no secret that the men who serve our country love motorcycles.

You’ll often see riders with patriotic colors on their vests, eagles on their jackets, red-white-and-blue bikes, and serious attitude. Here’s a sampling of national military-based motorcycle clubs with chapters all over the United States. 

POW/MIA Riders 

Chances are you seen this organization’s logo. Depicted in haunting black and white, a soldier stands with his head tilted down in front of a watch tower. POW/MIA stands for “Prisoner of War / Missing in Action,” and the POW/MIA Riders ride to support the full accounting of soldiers who went missing during war. 

The group has active duty, reserve forces, and retired veterans among their ranks, and often hosts rides to remember those who never came home at all. They also offer a support network to veterans. 

American Gold Star Mothers 

Not your average military motorcycle group, the “Gold Star Moms” are motorcycle riders who have lost a son or daughter to military service. Founded in 1928, but with roots stretching back to 1917, when a mother lost her 23-year-old son in the First World War.

The American Gold Star Mothers aren’t just involved in motorcycle rides. They also run marathons and host charity drives. But given their personal sacrifices, they still rate a spot among military-based groups. 

Purple Heart Riders 

The Purple Heart Riders are just what they sound like. Over the course of military service, veterans who have sustained injuries in war zones — while acting with immense bravery — are awarded the Purple Heart. 

The Hearts are rare, but the courage they show is real. The Purple Heart Riders are a close network of motorcycle riders who wear their Purple Heart with pride, and are able to swap stories about what being an injured veteran is like. 

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 

The Combat Veterans proclaim that they’re “an association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby.” Their goal? To provide warm meals, clothes, and encouragement to veterans at shelters — or to say “welcome home” to soldiers. 

Their members include soldiers who have served in combat, as well as non-combat soldiers and people who are sincerely dedicated to helping support the U.S.’s veteran population. 

The Bottom Line 

Supporting or joining one of these military motorcycle groups is a great way to support our troops. And, if you meet the criteria, you’ll find a warm family, brotherly camaraderie, and many excuses to ride your motorcycle.

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