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Chopper vs. Cruiser

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Which One’s Right For You?

There are many kinds of bikes, but two types dominate the market in the U.S. If you’re a red-blooded American rider, chances are you ride a Cruiser or a Chopper. 

But what’s the difference? 

Besides their looks, each kind has benefits and drawbacks. 

Read on to discover which one is right for you — or if you already own one, if your bike fits your style. 

Chopper Info 

Choppers became a popular kind of motorcycle in California during the 1950’s. They were based on the drag-racing motorcycles of the time. For maximum speed, drag racers would “chop” motorcycles, cutting them down their essence. The weight reduction would help them go faster. 

At the peak of drag racing, most “Choppers” were just an engine stuck together with a seat. 

As the style caught on, it evolved to include “ape hanger” handlebars, hardtail frames with no suspension, and a lengthened rake. 

While you might have had to make your own custom Chopper back in the day, most major bike retailers sell them now. They recognize what riders want. After all, Choppers are fast, loud, and flashy, making them many riders’ dream bike. 

A Chopper Might be Right For You If: 

  • You’re a more experienced rider
  • You want more horsepower
  • You ride shorter distances 
  • You want a flashy bike that stands out at rides or parades 

Cruiser Info 

If you want an American classic, look no further than the Cruiser. 

This type of bike was popularized by names like Harley-Davidson, Henderson, and Excelsior. 

Boasting plush leather seats, easy shifting, relaxed handlebars, and sometimes built-in cargo, Cruisers are as comfortable as they get. 

Many riders are happy to trade horsepower for ease of use and comfort on the open road. For people craving higher horsepower, stronger brakes, and better suspensions, there are Power Cruisers, too. For a smooth-as-silk ride, Cruisers can’t be beat. 

A Cruiser Might be Right For You If: 

  • You go on longer rides 
  • You ride with your significant other 
  • You need to take things with you 
  • You want to ride in comfort 
  • You’re a more relaxed rider

Two Rivers Customs specializes in making old bikes look new, building custom bike frames, and more. If your ride could use a new paintjob or some new accessories, email us at sales@tworiverscustoms.com.

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