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Custom Motorcycle Upholstery

by tworiverscu
Custom Motorcycle Upholstery

Custom Motorcycle Upholstery

Don’t let your ride get bogged down by mediocre upholstery. One touch of our fine custom materials, and you won’t want anything else for your bike.

Custom Colors

Complement your paint job with colorful materials in many colors – for an even bolder ride that stands out from the crowd.

Locally-Sourced Materials

Ride the finest – it’s close by. You won’t have to wait weeks for shipment from a country you’ve never heard of.

Exotic Leather…and More

Smooth, creamy, and tough, our luxury leather stands up to the trials of the road. Find your balance between road-ready comfort and strong materials.


Attention to detail and perfect craftsmanship mean our upholstery is the perfect fit for your bike.

Sample material available

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