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Summer Motorcycle Maintenance

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Summer’s winding down, and if your bike has gotten two months of good wear and tear out of it, it’s probably time to do some maintenance.

Since you have some time before getting your bike ready for winter, this maintenance doesn’t have to be very in-depth. With a few quick steps, you can keep your bike in top shape.

1) Dust and Wash It 

Riding in the summertime has doubtlessly exposed your bike to a ton of bugs, dirt, and grime. To keep that nasty patina from eating away at your paint, give it a good cleaning. Start by dusting off the rocky, sandier part of the grime with a microfiber towel. Then, using soap formulated for cleaning motorcycles, gently wash, wipe, and rinse. Your bike will end up looking brand new.

2) Check the Oil and Fluids 

Hard riding leads to more intense wear. So, it might be time to change your oil. After doing that, check hat all your other fluids are topped off for a smooth, silky ride — and a bike that lasts much longer.

3) Inspect your Tires 

Have you been going off-road at all? Even if you’re just an urban jungle rider, it’s important to check that your tires haven’t suffered any minor punctures or tear. If they’re balding, you’ll want to replace them ASAP. Lower levels of tread can lead to lack of safety on the road. Finally, consider upgrading your tires if it’s been a while. Sure, you can keep inflating them over and over again, but eventually you’re just going to have to buy new ones.

4) Frame & Suspension

Hitting bumps too hard can damage your bike’s suspension. And riding without much suspension can be hellish. If you’re not sure how to fix or adjust your bike’s suspension, check in with your local bike mechanic and ask them to take a look. Similarly, you’ll want to ensure that your frame is intact and hasn’t suffered any bending.

5) Steering 

Good steering is a crucial part of motorcycle safety. If your steering seems sluggish, don’t put off figuring out why. Doing so puts you at risk when there are situations on the road you have to react to. Talk to a mechanic to find out why your steering seems a little off.

6) Brakes 

Last — but perhaps most important — are your brakes. When you’re driving, it’s important to be able to stop on a dime. If your bikes are squeaking, squawking, or otherwise underperforming, it’s time to get them checked out.  Much better safe than sorry.

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