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Top 5 States for Riders

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Being in a state with a lot of motorcycle riders can have plenty of benefits.

It’s easier to join a club, find rides and rallies, and get involved with your rider community. And sometimes it’s nice to see other riders out on the road. 

If you’re looking for the states with the most motorcycles, look no further. According to a 2016 report, the top 5 states with the most registered motorcycles come from all over the U.S. 

Read on to see if your state made the cut. 

#5) New York

#5 might not be a surprise. With the most crowded city in the United States, it makes sense that the tiny state should house 392,771 registered bikes. The state also offers some incredible city views and scenic routes as well. 

#4) Pennsylvania 

Another chilly state, Pennsylvania still offers great things to riders. With over 393,037 registered bikes, it’s easy to find groups to meet up with, or to link up at events. And the stunning Tioga State Forest byway — a nationally protected forest-side road— snakes along rustic woods, offering some top-tier views. 

#3) Ohio

Why do people ride motorcycles in Ohio? After all, it’s cold. But with over 408,114 motorcycles registered, there has to be a reason. The answer lies in the incredible mountain and forest vistas. Riding along the Triple Nickel during fall, when burning red and glowing orange leaves appear, is an excursion you don’t want to miss.

#2) Florida 

Things are just better for riders in Florida, and the 582,648 registered bikes in Florida seem to agree. Why? Well, a no-helmet law, relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of sunshine certainly help. You’ll get more out of your bike in Florida — after all, 78 degree weather starts in early March. 

#1) California 

California leads the pack. With 842,106 registered motorcycles, sunny California offers plenty of amenities for riders. The state is huge, and the well-maintained highways course through scenic views. Not many other states boast breathtaking cliffs like Yosemite, the cold blue kiss of the Pacific, and tons of national parks.  Couple that with a thriving food and alcohol scene, and California is a rider’s paradise.

Honorable Mention: Texas at #6 

Texas, known for being the land of freedom, has 374,919 registered bikes. That’s still a lot, but not nearly as many as we expected. Since Texas prides itself on personal freedom, we thought motorcycles would be a more popular pick — but 374-thousand riders is nothing to sneeze at. There should still be plenty of riders to meet up with for rides and rallies.

If you’re interested in seeing where your state stacks up, check out this report.

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