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Top Three Motorcycle Routes to See Autumn Colors

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One of the best reasons people ride motorcycles is to see the scenery up close.

There’s something special about getting out of your car, feeling the air on your face, and being a part of the world, instead of just letting it pass you by.

That’s why autumn motorcycle tours are so popular. The golds, reds, and greens are amazing even inside a car. 

But when you combine a bike, crisp air, autumn sunlight, and the turning leaves, it’s a piece of heaven. 

Since it’s never too early to start planning your fall getaway, we’re showcasing three of the best autumn color routes around. 

#3: Skyline Drive 

Location: Virginia 

Length: 105 miles 

Skyline Drive starts out about 80 miles west of Washington, DC, then snakes down through Shenandoah national park. Riders love Skyline Drive because it offers heart-stopping views of lush forests and colorful valleys. 

If you go in mid-late September, you’ll want to pull off on the designated spots to snap some pictures. Riders enjoy the grandeur of the mountains, and the occasional appearance from wildlife like deer as well. 

With well-maintained roads, rare mountain air, and an easily-driven distance, it’s many riders’ favorite route. 

#2: Tunnel of Trees 

Location: Harbor Springs, Michigan

Length: 25 miles 

This lesser-known route is perfect for riders itching to scratch some smaller rides off their bucket list. It may be short, but it’s mighty. Enjoy a relatively small cruise down a snaking road underneath a soaring auburn canopy of hardwoods. 

There are plenty of restaurants and places tucked away on this route to stop as well. It’s perfect for a much more relaxed way to take in the autumn colors, and if you haven’t had enough when you’re done with your first pass — turn around for another. 

#1) Blue Ridge Parkway 

Location: From Roanoke, VA to Asheville, NC

Length: 469 miles 

Some people might consider putting both Skyline and Blue Ridge on this list as cheating. The fact is that both rides are meant to be savored differently.

Blue Ride is the longest linear state park in the US. Running through the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains and down into the Cherokee Indian Reservation of NC, the park boasts woodland kept pristine by park rangers. 

Enjoy a hefty dose of autumn color, as well as visits from animals like deer, raccoon and bear, by taking in all of Blue Ridge. There’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular state parks of all time. 

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